100% error-free, speed and sensible costs. Is just that what you are searching for while picking a transcription service provider? It is safe to say that you are considering the singularities of your needs? Try not to take after the norms and consider your specific objectives and hobbies when searching for an audio transcription services. Picking a transcription service provider is a choice that requires important thought and should be made thinking about the singularities of every transcription.

Here you have a few qualities that each effective supplier must have, and a few tips to help you to comprehend to which characteristic of service provider you ought to give careful consideration when you rely upon for online audio transcription.

  • Different languages and native transcriptors

Transcriptions are generally done by locals; each of them may be well versed in particular language. However and based on their difficulty, a few transcriptions could be effortlessly made by not natives with a high order of the language efficiency. In this manner, to depend on an audio transcription services that offers multi-lingual transcriptions is much of the time is the best choice.

  • Confidentiality

This is the principal quality you need to search for if the data must be kept safe. iTranscript depends on a creative encryption stage that gives customers greatest security: approved transcriptors get an ID and a secret key to get to the server just to work on audio file. Since the server is stacked with firewalls and antivirus programs, it guarantees complete security against unapproved or outsider access. Privacy is requested by and large with regards to fields as medication or law, for instance.

  • Quality control of audio transcription services

We could venture to say that editing is a key part of expert transcription organizations. Notwithstanding guaranteeing the transcription is delivered by a local speaker with an extraordinary command on the field, it’s advantageous to ensure the online audio transcription offer a decent quality control. iTranscript, for instance, depends on a 3-layered check show that guarantees 99% exactness. Taking after this strategy, a transcriptionist checks the report twice and a quality examiner guarantees the accuracy.


  • Various areas of expertise in online audio transcription

Transcription organizations that depend on various zones of ability can guarantee that every request will be handled by the transcriber easily that better meets the criteria. Business, legal, academic, advertising or media transcriptions are among the most requested sorts these days. However, a few organizations as iTranscript offer likewise different areas like podcasts or interview transcriptions, for case.

  • Flexibility with respect to format of files

Technology has a crucial significance in the transcription field. An expert transcription organization ought to deliver both computerized and simple documents, to meet the exact customer requirements. Ensure likewise the service can convey your transcription back in the format you are looking for.

It is safe to say that you are as yet considering speed or costs as the most critical attributes while picking a transcription service provider? Unless you are truly adapted by timetable times, you should take some an opportunity to discover the administration that best addresses your issues. Last but not least, it is additionally prescribed to esteem the client supporting nature of the organization you are going to depend upon starting now and also for long term purposes.

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