Medical transcription service is the fastest rising industry for healthcare procedure. Professional Healthcare expert persons have to certify the accurate and best quality patient records. In the terms of accuracy and quality Turnaround Time (TAT) is imperative element for documentation.

As we know the Turn-around time (TAT) is defined as the time it takes to receive finished reports after submission of dictation files. As the accurate transcription service includes listening, analyzing, assessing and then typing, we except for getting quick delivery of documentation but that’s wrong when we stand for accurate transcription.

There are various factors which impact the medical transcription turnaround time as below.

Turnaround Time for Accurate Transcription

  • Accent

The speakers’ accent is very important aspect which impacts to transcription turnaround time because unfamiliar or unskilled accents usually take additional time period for transcription. Sometimes it can be like a puzzle to figure out what’s they are saying, but iTranscript360 like that challenge which makes them excited to learn something different. so clean & proper accent must be required for consuming the time of transcription.

  • Number of Speakers

Number of speakers also decides the turnaround time for Transcription outsourcing. Any audio recording which includes one or two speakers then it will be easy to record for professional transcriptionist. If folks or more than three speakers tangled at the same time then will take more time to be familiar with their voices. Transcriptionist should listen and re-listen it carefully and may be edit the whole recording, as in some cases voice is too quickly with few pauses, dissimilar or very low accent.

  • Audio Quality

Next factor for TAT in medical transcription is uninterrupted and clear audio quality. If we exclude review time and processing, the recordings of one hour usually take up to 2 to 4 hours to transcribe. Mostly the quality of audio recording depends on the used equipment, as the audio or video recordings with background noise reduce the transcription. To get accurate transcripts in quick turnaround time (TAT) it is essential part to use the best recording equipment.

iTranscript 360 is best transcription service provider With over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry. We transcribe your document with TAT of 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours. Simply record your file, upload them, select TAT, and iTranscript 360 will deliver 99% accurate transcripts as quickly as you like.

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