High quality and minimal cost doesn’t generally go as an inseparable unit. The guideline is not really diverse when you are searching for a transcription organization. Notwithstanding, if you are working inside of a restricted budget plan, you can’t disregard the cost factor. Since transcription is a high exactness necessity, quality is of most extreme significance as well. Thankfully, not every genuine organization with affordable services shows a red flag. Organizations like iTranscript360 have reliably conveyed an awesome quality online audio transcription service at a moderate rate. When you are searching for a cost-effective transcription service provider, search for the following things:

Know the particular transcription service given by an organization

The initial step is understanding the sort of documents that you would need to get transcribed by Online Audio Transcription service, and after that picking the service provider. If you are searching for medicinal transcription, you ought to search for an organization that considerably specializes in it. iTranscript360, for example offers astounding transcription with regards to interpreting research, meetings, and discussions that include more than one speaker and a variety of accents.

Search for rating and reviews

A fast online research will uncover the organization’s credibility. Regularly the organization site will give you a decent deal of client feedback. A case study on the site is very common. iTranscript360’s site records list fulfilled clients who have utilized the organization’s services.


Cheap Transcription does not mean cheap quality. Check for organizations that have a record of high content quality. Here, we have a strict strategy to keep up 98% accuracy. No record is conveyed until this level is accomplished. We likewise take after a 4-process stages that guarantees maximum accuracy along with cheap transcription services.


A best transcription service provider will give you a chance to audit the documents and will admit your inputs. Regardless of the fact that you are settling on a cheap transcription service, this is a significant factor to consider so you are not stucked with a record that is of no use. With iTranscript360, you can check the work-in-advancement at whatever time. You can even demand re-surveys in the event that you are not fulfilled by the quality.

Maintaining confidentiality

Maintaining confidentiality is very important while picking a transcription service organization in light of the fact that a sound incorporates sensitive information. We at iTranscript360 understand this too well. Every one of our transcribers complies with a strict NDA arrangement. Dissimilar to numerous other cheap transcription providers we additionally have a productive client care administration. For more noteworthy comfort, you can utilize us for conference call transcription besides online audio transcription services.

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