Audio transcription is the transformation of audio and verbal materials into textual format. Professional secretaries, journalists and court reporters prepare audio transcripts as part of their everyday work.

Having a text document to an audio file of a business is necessary for any organization. A text version of the audio file is easier to preserve and share the information.

With recent advances in technology, Audio Transcription Services offer quick and simple solution to convert audio files to formatted textual data. To get started, all you need is a good quality digital recording device and a web browser.

AudioBenefits of Audio Transcription Services

Nowadays, audio transcription services are in trend. Audio transcription services have several advantages for your business. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

  • Audio transcription is a great way to create the textual data of a seminar or an interview or an event. In this way, you can obtain written evidences of all important events related to your business. The transcribed textual data can also be helpful when you don’t have the sources to access audio files.
  • Audio transcription saves your time. Whether it is a marketing speech of an event, patient history or research thesis, you simply need to prepare an audio file and send it for audio transcription to convert it into text, which can be easily shared with your staff and subscribers via email.

Businesses That Can Be Benefited from Audio Transcription Services

Various types of businesses can be benefitted from audio transcription services. Some of them are listed below:

  •  Healthcare providers
  •  News and Media
  •  Law Firms
  •  Academic Industry
  •  Entertainment Industry

Advantages of Outsourcing Audio Transcription Services

Outsourcing transcription is the best way to obtain high quality, error-free transcripts quickly. This can possibly increase the profitability of your organization and increase the productivity of your staff as everyone. Following are some of the advantages of outsourcing audio transcription services:,

  •   Transcription services across various time zones
  •   Accessibility to experienced transcribers
  •   Customized  turnaround time
  •   Accurate transcripts
  •   Compatibility with variety of audio file formats
  •   Eliminates the need to sit in the office and type
  •   Gives you peace of mind as employee absenteeism does not affect the workflow of your office
  •   Saves time, effort, money and resources
  •   Increases your focus on core processes of your business

iTranscript360 is a Medical Transcription Company that consists of adept transcription professionals. For over a decade, we are the leading service provider of transcription services in UK, under the name Global MedData. We offer audio transcription services to medical and non-medical sectors all over the world. Delivering the best quality transcripts within the specified timeline is our motto.

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