A law released by the US Congress in 1996 which covers the health care services for the US residents. Along with other standard protocols for the law, it mainly focuses on the establishment of the standards to make sure about the security of information that considered in a private way. The rules of privacy apply to all information handlers. This means that medical transcription service provider should have to assure for the security services for all the information that go through their hands. All the healthcare transcription services should guarantee HIPAA compliant in order to secure business. Private and government insurance agencies Clinics, Hospitals, physicians, medical transaction clearing houses, who deals with the patient information in (Electronic Medical Record) must ensure that the data is stored, processed and transcribed in a secured manner.

To make sure about the HIPAA rules adherence, the Healthcare Transcription Service providers need to undertake certain responsibilities.

•    Service providers must record and implement certain policies to safeguard PHI, access to the information about patients must be restricted, demand authorizations for the disclosure of patient data, a secured storage and transmission of information, and timely actions if security facilities are violated.
•    Through the Federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), violation of protected health information misuse can be reported to Office of Civil Rights.
•    HIPAA staff should have continual training on the non-violation of data that is stored and as a part of annual security planning it should be incorporated in clinics and hospitals.
•    Information to patients can be done directly through the healthcare service provider websites or patients right to health information regarding the disclosure of information.
•    Always try to assign a Senior Physician as security officer to ensure the privacy policy are followed and adopted in a right manner.
•    The Medical Transcription Service Provider must have truthfulness of information that includes accuracy of medical record, availability of record without downtime and confidentiality of medical records.
•    Always have a detailed monitoring and agreement of cloud service provider, insurance firms, bill processing company who take care of patient information and maintain medical record.
•    Transcription service provider must ensure about the online tool kit that supports the agreement or compliance of HIPAA Security Rule.
•    The main responsibility include the verification and monitoring whether the health care transcription service provider and subcontractors implement and abide  with the HIPAA Omnibus rule which states a patient’s privacy protections.
•    A periodical auditing of the mobile devices used by the physicians is a must as they transmit patient related data. This is done to get to know for the security officer regarding the complete information regarding the usage of mobile devices by the physicians.
If a client organization is planning to avail medical transcription services from a service provider, they can be quite confident if the service provider assures a deal with HIPAA compliant medical transcription services as the information will be completely confidential since they will abide with HIPAA rules. Any deviation from the rules may result in the penalties.
So when the HIPAA compliance is assured, you can also be assured of a reliable partner to provide medical transcription services.

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