Over the last 10 years, outsourcing of medical transcription services has increased immensely. Technological advances in digital voice recording equipment, voice recognition technology, and secure online connections have now made medical transcription outsourcing an integral part of medical practice.

Here are 5 significant advantages of outsourcing medical transcription services.

1. Reduces Costs

The primary advantage of outsourcing Medical Transcription Services is its cost effectiveness. With no start up costs, no overheads, and no annual maintenance fees, significant savings can be made from the very beginning.The best medical transcription services charge by the line, so clients only pay for what is typed.

When there’s no work to be done, there’s nothing to pay, but yet a whole team remains on immediate call round the clock.By outsourcing medical transcription, there are no delays caused by high workloads, and there are never any special arrangements to be made for staff holidays or illnesses. Outsourcing of medical transcription is much more affordable than managing transcription work through in-house transcription.

Medical Transcription Services

2. Provides Accurate Transcripts with No Delays

Transcription companies that specialist in medical transcription employ Professional Transcribers who are experienced across the whole range of medical specialties. As they are specialists in their field, they can be relied upon to use the appropriate medical terminology, abbreviations and other conventions.In addition, most service providers offer flexible turnaround times and are able to complete urgent transcripts within strict deadlines. Hence, if you outsource to the best transcription companies, you can be sure of receiving accurate transcripts within the deadlines you require.

3. Increases Focus on Core Competencies

Undertaking in-house medical transcription is a tedious task, tying up skilled staff with the routine work of medical transcription. When work is outsourced, staff are freed from other responsibilities too, like HIPAA compliance, system upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance, and can thus focus on their core competencies and developing other skills, resulting in improved productivity of health care services.

4. Protects Client’s Data

Working to globally standardised guidelines, medical transcription services need to maintain the confidentiality of medical records. In order to do so, transcription companies incorporate security features in their transcription system to ensure that outsourced data is protected against unauthorized access and data loss.

5. Avoids Maintenance of Infrastructure

Transcription companies have standard IT infrastructure and manpower to deal with technical issues related to their transcription software. Thus, outsourcing transcription reduces expenses for maintenance of IT infrastructure and lowers the burden on IT staff.iTranscript360 is a web based transcription service, that provides fast, accurate and economical medical transcription services to the health care industry and non-medical transcription services to Legal, Financial, and Academic professions. Contact us to discover the advantages of outsourcing medical transcription services.

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