Accurate transcriptions are inevitable for your clinical documentation. Whether you are in an intense care environment or ambulatory work on, outsourcing to iTranscript services will enhance the stream of patient accounts through your association. We’re focused on enhancing quality, minimizing turnaround time, and accelerating income cycles. In particular, outsourcing to us will free up your area of expertise to concentrate on different other needs. Here are the reasons why we are known as the provider of accurate medical transcription services.

Features of iTranscript

  • Double check results

Each draft touched by us has point by point tracking and logging data to guarantee that it is finished inside the apt turnaround time (TAT). You’ll get month to month status investigates TAT, quality, and open items.

  • Reliable quality control in healthcare transcription services

Our Quality Management Platform gives granular reporting at all levels of creation, from mistake sorts and MT subtle elements to record particular perspectives. We’re focused on meeting your turnaround time 24/7/365 transcription. For customers utilizing our offshore assets, we can enhance turnaround times in off-peak hours—without compromising quality or security. A quick turnaround is trivial if your restorative archives are not precise. That is the reason we guarantee the most elevated amount of precision. To finish this, we have built up an arrangement of inner quality checks to provide accurate medical transcription services, to accomplish one of the most noteworthy quality levels in the business. There is a different and committed quality control office that works in quality circles to further check and give you error free reports.

  • Experienced transcriptionists

We have a huge number of the most qualified MTs in the business—numerous with over 10 years of involvement in human services.

  • Uncompromising information security

Your patient information is protected with us. Our data centers are arranged with a framework of fault-tolerate so you generally have the safe access you require. Likewise, we have a strict and thorough HIPAA training and authorization program set up.

healthcare transcription services

  • Framework Wide Cost Reduction

Intercom gives all equipment and setup, so you lessen with capital hardware costs and the progressing innovation redesigns and equipment upkeep costs. With constant access to the status of every one of your employments, you can better screen and control costs, in this manner diminishing general administrative time.

  • Digital Dictation

Clinicians manage reports by means of toll free lines, Internet-prepared PCs or through an assortment of advanced handheld sound gadgets and can dole out need status and a format to the audio files themselves. Templates diminish dictation time on one hand and builds exactness on the other.

  • Reporting online

Worried you will lose control of your transcription reports by outsourcing? You’ll really acquire control with the ability to track the advancement of any job whenever. An exclusive framework that permits the staff to screen, oversee, and inquiry the status of transcription work being handled at any given purpose of time. From the dictation moment, we quickly track the status of every report progressively, including the time of correspondence, transcription, editing, and printing at every area.

  • 24 X 7 Service

Being your business partner for healthcare transcription services, we have a common responsibility to your prosperity. We don’t just convey our innovation and operational quality to the organization, we likewise take a shot at inventive arrangements and administrations intended to diminish costs. To guarantee fast reaction times and conveyance of solid administrations, we are committed to specialized, deals, and administration staff to oblige your necessities and issues. Clients can call at whatever time to ask for both operational and specialized backing. We support regularly to proactively distinguish potential issues at each of our client destinations of services.

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